“Give ’em hell!” is what Miss Major Griffin-Gracy said to me. 

I am an east coast country person just trying to do my part in the big city. This is my personal website, and I try to keep it separate from my work under a different hat. 



Born in rural New Hampshire in 1980, I am country at heart. I started this website a few years ago to promote my pedal steel guitar and country music.

In the time of Trump, I have shifted my focus a bit. What can we do as allies, advocates, people affected by violence and discrimination to radically shift our world to one based in love and self-determination for all?

Maybe my music plays a role, maybe not. Check back on me every now and then. Until that time, all good things and godspeed, and please fight hate and end white supremacy.


The Covenant of Mutual Self-Determination

“We believe that Black people will not be free until we are able to determine our destiny.” — Point 1, 10 Point Program of the Black Panther Party “Feminism is…a commitment to reorganizing society so that the self-development of people can take precedence over imperialism, economic expansion, and material desires.” — bell hooks, Feminism is For Everybody.  — — — — — — — — — —  The …


Please find me using the usual methods of the information age.